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Sales Managers Only

Making Sales Management Easy

Your job of managing a sales team to achieve desired sales goals can be arduous.  Whether you are managing the sales force from the middle of an organization or at the C-Level, your performance and the performance of your sales force is critically important to the life of your organization.

Do any of the challenges below apply to your organization?

  • Salespeople spending too much time servicing existing clients at the expense of finding new clients.

  • Salespeople spending too much time with unqualified prospects, consequently spending too little time with qualified prospects.

  • Salespeople looking at their prospects through rose-colored glasses, often underestimating the number of prospects necessary to reach their goals.

  • Subjective opinions regarding sales opportunities resulting in inaccurate forecasts.

  • Sales cycles are too long.

  • Closing ratios are too low.

  • Sales managers having no objective method of determining who needs their help the most.

  • Sales managers having no way to determine which opportunities a sales person is having problems with and which they are not.

  • Sales managers not having a source of objective information to proactively uncover problems and therefore waiting for problems to be brought to them by their salespeople.

  • Sales managers having no way to determine if poor sales performance is due to ineffectiveness or lack of effort, or a combination of the two.   

If you can identify with these challenges, consider:

The SalesTeam Sales Managers' Forum

SalesTeam Sales Managers' Forum is a great way to mastermind sales management ideas through a sales manager peer group.  This is a unique opportunity for sales managers to share knowledge and experience with other sales managers.

The format of the virtual sessions is similar to our regular SalesTeam sessions and are facilitated by our certified trainer: Issue discussion, monthly topical discussion, best practices sharing, and group accountability, producing valuable professional growth for each participant.  At less than $7/day, Membership is affordable, and the results are invaluable!

If you are looking to improve your performance and the performance of your sales team, join the SalesTeam Sales Managers' Forum!

Features . . .
Benefits . . .

Brainstorm with other sales managers as peers
A sharing of best practices & new ideas

Sharpen the saw
Helps keep your skills fresh

Not 'typical management training'
Affordable & not meant to radically change the way you manage your team

Keep accountable to your goals
Keeps you working at your fullest potential

Contests among the group
Fun incentives to keep you pumped up

Continuing education
You'll be always learning something new and have a chance to share and experiment new strategies from peers and literature

Monthly meetings
(attendance not mandatory)
Meetings are structured for your benefit, accountability & experience

Coach On Call
Benefit from one on one telephone coaching

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