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SalesTeam Northeast
309 Fellowship Road
Suite 200
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

SalesTeam Southeast
3400 Chapel Hill Road
Suite 322
Douglasville, GA 30135

(And satellite offices throughout the US)

Voice 678.741.5314
FAX 678.838.4595

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 Membership Information

It's time for the best support system a sales professional could ask for...

An exclusive, one-of-a-kind, peer group focused on providing you or your team with the support, coaching, training, and accountability needed to stay ahead of the game and reach your goals. It's a chance to get advice, guidance, and training outside of the pressure zone of your company.

Don't rob yourself of all that you could be...

Every four weeks, members get together in a structured, facilitated sessions to tackle today's challenges, share street smarts, and hold each other accountable for the prior four weeks' activity.  There are also optional private forums just for sales managers or for company sales teams.  The idea isn't to share so-so leads or whine about what's not working over a few beers.  SalesTeam allows you, in a confidential setting, to get answers to your toughest sales or management problems with people who experience the same challenges.  Plus, each member gets personal coaching from the Team Leader between group sessions to further sharpen the saw!

"One of the most powerful steps a leader can take — at any stage in his or her development — is to find a group of peers."
Judith Lindenberger, The Lindenberger Group

Let's face it; being in sales can be lonely. And if you stay in a shell, opportunities for learning are lost. With a support group of peers, you can gain insights that accelerate your growth, and you can share your wisdom and experience with others. 

Having an extra set of eyes and ears to assess your performance and goals makes a world of difference. It's not for everyone. It requires an absolute commitment to personal improvement and the willingness to take well-intentioned heat when you don't hit your goals.

Working with peers outside your company and industry means you don't have to go it alone, and you can count on objective, fresh advice. It also helps you feel accountable to someone important — you.  In fact, members' frankness about their own companies is matched by the frank comments and critiques of their peers. That's because each member is committed to giving and getting the most they possibly can from their membership.

"A popular networking option for those seeking advice, education and camaraderie, peer group membership is quickly catching on as an essential tool for small business success."
— Karen J. Bannan, My Business magazine, December/January 2004

SalesTeam makes a difference.  It is an affordable and powerful reinforcement to one-day sales training workshops and motivational seminars. While a one-day seminar may be enlightening, the team sessions provide the ongoing reinforcement required for sustained great performance.

Think about them all: Toastmasters, BNI, LeTip, and your local chamber of commerce.  Great groups, but where is the one that improves a sales professional’s actual ability to sell?

It's SalesTeam.

SalesTeam is the original local, peer-based group focused on ongoing, individual sales excellence.  We offer the widest, most results-oriented selection of creative individual contributor, manager, and team coaching services anywhere.  And we're run by sales professionals for sales professionals — not sales trainers too proud to make cold calls and promote their own businesses with the tactics they teach.

Do you have what it takes? Are you a solid performer today, ready to make a quantum leap upward? Can you give as well as you receive? Then SalesTeam is right for you.

If you're hesitant, if you THINK this may help, but aren't sure, keep wasting time surfing the 'net.  You've got to be serious about your personal performance improvement to join SalesTeam.  Each member must not only be committed to attending meetings, but we expect each member to be serious about contributing, for the benefit of the entire group.

SalesTeam is not for everyone.  It's for achievers who want to become high-achievers.  It's for those who want success and need to keep the saw sharp. It's for successful sales professionals wanting to maintain an edge.  It's about winning, and it's attractively priced to help you do just that.  Go ahead, apply for your membership today and get your game on!

Tiger Woods, preeminent PGA golfer, has said:

 "Professionals hire a coach to increase their chances of winning; amateurs don't."

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Have a sales organization of 3 or more? A Private Group Membership may be better for you! A more intense membership experience, Private Group Membership includes the award-winning Integrity Selling® curriculum and coaching that will allow you to quickly improve your sales staff results! Click the button below and ask about it!

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