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Upcoming Seminars

Why Sales People Succeed...or Fail




  • What are the real reasons why salespeople succeed or fail?

  • What are the myths of sales success?

  • What has to happen in order for an individual to increase their sales performance?

The X Factor for Sales Professionals is a highly interactive workshop designed for leaders and sales professionals to become more aware of the real causes of success in selling.  This one day meeting will give your sales team greater insight into leveraging their strengths, taking action to work on development areas, and committing to a plan of action taking their sales performance to a higher level.  The workshop also explodes several myths about what it takes to be successful in sales and gets at the real human elements that determine consistent high performance.

Assessment & Workshop

The X Factor starts with our Development Profile (DP) Assessment.  This assessment measures 18 different dimensions (attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors in your people) which are critical to success in sales.  Each sales person would not only assess themselves, but they would be assessed by their managers as well.  The results of the DP would be used by the participants during the workshop as a point of reference in developing their action plan for improvement.

This workshop will introduce your sales people to:

  • A sales process that is value-driven and promotes a customer needs-focused mindset

  • The four traits of highly successful people

  • The power of emotions in sales success

  • How to become a value-added partner to your clients


By participating in this workshop, your sales people will:

  • Gain a greater awareness into their strengths and development areas.  They will also create a development journal that is their personal roadmap to increase their success.

  • Be introduced to the concepts and models of our customer needs-focused sales methodology, and be given tips on how to create a competitive advantage for customers and take their performance to the next level.

  • Prepare for a Development Discussion with their manager.  This dialogue is intended to strengthen the manager/employee relationship and ensure that both parties are committed to helping the employees increase their success and job fulfillment.


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