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Advanced Interviewing Skills

What motivates customers to buy?

How can interviewing skills create more value for customers?

Why is it critical to adjust your interviewing style to better communicate with different people in different roles?

Discovery! is a process that improves the competence, confidence and commitment of salespeople who want to take their interviewing skills to the next level. Discovery! is a six hour seminar followed by six weeks of intensive practice and feedback. Participants examine what it means to be customer-needs focused and learn how to uncover problems, consequences and rewards. Its content-rich design focuses on the true "master skill" of the best sales professionals in the world – discovering a customer’s needs and wants. Discovery! builds on participants’ foundational selling skills, like those learned in Integrity Selling®, and develops their expertise in understanding customers and conducting high impact interviews.

Participants in Discovery! will learn to:

  • Establish a Customer-Focused Mindset

  • Understand Customer Value and Motivation

  • Research and Prepare for Successful Interviews

  • Discover Customer Needs, Wants and Decision Making

  • Develop Strong Rapport with Customers

  • Adapt to Different Behavior Styles and Buyer Roles

The initial seminar develops the core concepts in the Discovery! process. However, Discovery! is not a traditional training program. It utilizes a state of the industry, technology supported, experiential learning design. The proprietary six week follow-up process, guided by Navigator software, drives self-directed application with real clients. Each week the sales professional targets a skill, trait or action to practice with the ongoing support of management coaching and the real-time insights provided by Navigator software. Like all Integrity Systems® change processes, the results of Discovery! can be measured to insure clients’ expectations are met.


As a result of participating in Discovery! your organization will:

  • Build greater customer loyalty.

  • Develop a customer-focused mindset and skills.

  • Enhance customer intimacy and relationships.

  • Improve closing ratios and forecasting accuracy.

  • Increase sales revenue and profit margins.




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