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Integrity Coaching® is for leaders and managers who have an interest in increasing the productivity and success of their teams.

Participants learn a five-step coaching process, and meet weekly for eight weeks to sharpen their coaching skills, report on their progress and learn from the coaching experiences of their peers.

The program especially addresses the four core traits seen in all highly successful people:

  • Goal Clarity

  • High Achievement Drive

  • Strong Emotional Intelligence

  • Excellent Social Skills

Years of experience have taught us that people who possess these core traits tend to succeed in any market, and at whatever they undertake. We have also observed that, unless these four success factors are developed within people, they will not increase performance for any sustained length of time.

Integrity Coaching is a powerful process for developing these four core traits in people.

It is important to note that these four success factors can't be intellectually learned, but can only be experientially developed with quality coaching. When managers apply this process, its not uncommon to see 20% to 35% sales increases, employee retention challenges drop drastically, and organizational goals achieved that were previously viewed as unattainable.


Your managers will learn a structured and disciplined process to conduct effective individual coaching sessions with their staff, including;

  • a goal achievement system

  • understanding the leadership style of highly effective coaches

  • assessing their own leadership style

  • coaching pre-call planning and post-call analysis tools

  • understanding the different behavior styles of people in order to increase coaching effectiveness

  • increasing the ability to diagnose areas of needed improvement, ask effective questions to help guide coaching discussions and prescribe specific actions for improving performance

  • how to build the self-confidence of their staff, to achieve more than they believe they are capable



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