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So your business is growing, you need to hire sales people, or you already have a few.  How do you manage them alone? 

Do any of the challenges below apply to your organization?

  • You are lacking a full-time sales manager?

  • Sales cycles are too long?

  • Closing ratios are too low?

  • Salespeople are not reaching their sales goals?

  • You wear too many hats to wear the sales manager’s hat, too?

  • You have little or no experience as a sales manager?

  • Feel like you are herding cats when you try to direct your sales force?

Many small businesses have difficulty with sales and business development, particularly when the owners and managers have technical or operations backgrounds with little to no formal sales or sales management experience. Sales performance can be haphazard, and achieving the sales goals required to accomplish the organization’s mission becomes difficult at best. 

The starting place for success is a sales strategy that results in an effective sales infrastructure, the importance of which is often misunderstood without experience in selling.  The sales infrastructure includes the sales people, the sales processes, and the sales support.  Effective management of the entire sales infrastructure requires exceptional skill and leadership.

 The RentASalesManager™ solution from SalesTeam

  • Provides professional consulting, sales training, coaching, and management, to help your organization quickly reach its sales and service goals

  • Serves as an economical, temporary, risk-free bridge to establishing effective sales management for your fledgling sales force

Sales management is, in fact, rocket science. “Winging it” can be costly – for today and tomorrow. Put RentASalesManager™ by SalesTeam to work for you right now for as little as $4200*/month, including training, plus setup fees.

To find out if the RentASalesManager™ solution is right for you, contact us to schedule a confidential and complimentary analysis of your particular situation -- and what you would like it to be instead! 

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*Your actual costs will depend upon a tailored solution for your particular needs.


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