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Ernie Young, Head Coach

SalesTeam Northeast
309 Fellowship Road
Suite 200
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

SalesTeam Southeast
3400 Chapel Hill Road
Suite 322
Douglasville, GA 30135

(And satellite offices throughout the US)

Voice 678.741.5314
FAX 678.838.4595

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Business Seminar 

Features . . .
Benefits . . .

Brainstorm with other sales people as peers
A sharing of best practices & new ideas

Sharpen the saw
Helps keep your skills fresh

Not a 'typical sales training seminar'
More affordable, and will help you be more effective at whatever product or service you sell

Keep accountable to your goals
Keeps you working at your fullest potential

Contests among the group
Fun incentives to keep you pumped up

Continuing education
You'll be always learning something new and have a chance to share and experiment new strategies from peers and literature

Monthly group sessions
(attendance not mandatory)

Sessions are structured for your benefit, accountability and experience

Coach On Call™
Refine your game with personal sales coaching



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Winning is a challenge.  Product parity, turnover, quotas/margins, or market conditions must be overcome.  Poor sales skills, inconsistency, and a lack of ongoing coaching limit your efficiency and ability to have the edge on your competition.  Your business runs on customers; do you have the customers your business needs?


Designed for business owners and sales people actively involved in and responsible for the sales function of their respective organizations, SalesTeam Membership provides a simple, effective, and affordable game plan to reach your sales goals.

SalesTeam members from different organizations meet online and locally in ongoing group coaching sessions to collectively share and discuss methods for improved selling. Each group session is facilitated by a skilled sales trainer who also is your Coach On Call, providing regular individual personal sales coaching to help you win.  Members experience amazing growth during the "real-play" process.

From sports to space flight, all excellent human performance requires continuous training and practice.  Learn to consistently win through year-round training with your new teammates.

Managing a sales organization of 3 people or more?  Invite SalesTeam to regularly coach your organization in private groups in online settings nationwide.  Based upon the award-winning Integrity Selling® curriculum, the ongoing group and personal coaching from SalesTeam will prove invaluable again and again.  Ask about a mini-seminar test for your team!


Take the guess-work out of your sales process by working out regularly at SalesTeam to improve your sales fitness.  Start today; one extra sale from your new skills can more than pay for your membership!

Join today, contact us directly, or register to attend an upcoming seminar to help you determine if SalesTeam Membership is right for you.

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