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Private Group Membership 

It’s been said that professionals use coaching to maximize performance; amateurs don’t. Using the continuous Integrity Selling® curriculum, ongoing SalesTeam Private Group coaching is for sales organizations seeking to reach higher and higher sales goals.

Membership starts with a welcome and orientation period, followed by the basic Integrity Selling® seminar and 8-week follow-up course, and continues with ongoing coaching of advanced Integrity Selling® skills.  In addition to live online sessions, STeam Q, the downloadable app for learning based on the successful training tool, q Mindshare, allows for streamlined advanced learning in Integrity Selling® through ongoing automated online coaching. 

Private Group Membership structure includes:

  • Maximum group size is 10 participants; organizations may have multiple groups as necessary

  • The Integrity Selling® 8-week basic sales course for all members

  • Each group meets live online every 4 weeks for 1.5 hours

  • There are 10 available 30-minute live online individual coaching sessions every 4 weeks, scheduled as desired*

  • Each sales manager has one 30-minute live online individual coaching session available every week plus membership in the national Sales Managers’ Forum, meeting live online every 4 weeks

  • Everyone gets “Q’d” once per week by the STeam Q app

  • Sales managers have access to their teams’ STeam Q learning performance reports

  • Sales managers who graduate from the 8-week Integrity Coaching® basic course will also get Q’d each week by STeam Q for coaching

  • Online access to the LMS at Integrity Tool Kit®  

  • Optional SalesManagerAssist™ program add-on

  • Optional RentASalesManager™ upgrade

From sports to space flight, all excellent human performance requires continuous training and practice.  Because knowledge and skills are perishable, constantly train and coach.  At 211°, water is hot, but at 212°, water becomes steam and can now power a locomotive.  Don't let another day pass; get the extra degree now with STeam Q!

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