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Improve Customer Loyalty

Our mission is to improve the way organizations get and keep loyal customers. Integrity Solutions® has proven to dramatically impact service performance – and consistently exceed customer expectations.

Example: Patient satisfaction ranking for the UCLA Medical Center increased from the 28th to the 78th percentile of academic medical centers after embracing Integrity Systems.

Integrity Service® is a comprehensive process designed to help people understand what it means to be customer-focused. The Integrity Service Program helps people evaluate their actions and behavior, and identify gaps – or incongruence – that cause conflict, stress, poor performance, and/or stifled productivity. When each of these dimensions are in congruence, achievement drive is released and new levels of loyalty, synergy and self-satisfaction result.

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Integrity Coaching® is for leaders and managers who have an interest in increasing the productivity and success of their teams. When managers apply this process, its not uncommon to see 20% to 35% sales increases, employee retention challenges drop drastically, and organizational goals achieved that were previously viewed as unattainable.

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